II International Street Cinema Festival

Entrance Free
On the ZK/U Terrace

On August 15th the film screening of the II International Festival of Street Cinema will be presented at ZK/U. The organizers are currently travelling thought 30 European cities from Vladivostok to Lisbon, showing the films at open air venues. The festival program includes 10 best short films shot by young directors of 7 European countries.

Film Programme

Carpe Diem, dir. by Enrico Nocera, France, 2015

La Moniale, dir. by Yves-Dominique Franck, Belgium, 2014

Father, dir. by Alexandre Gilmet, Poland, 2014

Carriage, dir. by Joao Vasco, Portugal, 2014

Eat and lose weight, dir. by Jury Hatchadurov, Germany, 2015

Petuh dir. by Alexey Nuzhniy, Russia, 2015

Procrastinator, dir. by Marta Rodrigez-Alarcon, Spain, 2014

The Anclet, dir. by Guillaume Levil, France 2014

Outcomer, dir. by Ilya Chizhikov, Russia, 2015

Nemesis, dir. by Byilov Vasiliy, Russia, 2014

Vote for the best short-film

The Festival inherits traditions of medieval street theaters and differs from all the traditional film festivals by the way of selection of films and choosing the winner. The best film is chosen by spectator’s voting, which is made by light of their mobile phones. Citizens raise above the head phones or flashlights and shine for their favorite film, and organizers by means of special device measure the light and determine the finalists in each city. The film, which will win the majority of cities, will be the winner of the festival.

About the Festival

The traveling festival goes across the continent from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, arranging in the cities along the way film screenings, cultural and educational events. 

"The Street Cinema Festival is, first and foremost, a lift for the talented, yet unknown widely film makers, who will have the opportunity to demonstrate their works to thousands of people around the world - says the organizer Margarita Tsyganova. – In every city we collect pieces of metal, of which a statuette for the winner will be cast."

The Second Annual Street Cinema Festival is a social initiative, aimed at the development of non-professional cinema and outdoor film screenings tradition, that takes place in 12 countries worldwide from July 4th to September 8th, 2015. Within this project the cinema-caravan has departed for journey throughout 30 European cities. Free film screenings of young filmmakers already take place on stages of street cinemas including housetops, seafronts, parks, main streets from Vladivostok to Lisbon. Along with film screenings in all participating cities organized more than 100 cultural and educational events.