Music on the terrace

Matteo Iacobis – guitar, vocals
Matteo Domenichelli – bass, backing vocals
Gabriele Jacobini – guitar, ukulele
Francesco Aprili – drums, backing vocals
Edoardo Impedovo – trumpet, percussion

Boxering Club was founded in the winter of 2010 in Rome. They play a perfect mixture of indie rock, world music and tribal rhythms.
On the stage they are like crazy lightnings, striking the audience and critics alike. After only one year of stage activity they performed in all the important clubs of Rome (Circolo degli Artisti, Alpheus, Traffic) and were chosen by the English review NME for their special party (Club NME) in the capital city making sure that they have what it takes not to sink in the large indie/rock melting pot that sees bands being born and disappear at an almost daily frequency.

record label: Bomba www.bombadischi.it
contact: Davide Caucci [email protected]
press: [email protected]
booking: Nicola Romani [email protected]


CD: Stream and download Aloha Krakatoa
Youtube: bit.ly/1fkpAaP
iTunes: bit.ly/1lkgNLn
Spotify: spoti.fi/1n2taHl
Actual CD: bit.ly/1e