Voices/ Stimmen

Reclaiming the Public as a Political Space

ISBN 978-3-945659-08-3
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Reading like a circle, Voices / Stimmen is a creative, collective and comprehensive theoretical compendium. In five readings, in five common themes, in five chapters Assembly, Pop, Memory, Violence and Holy War, these texts and images document the public contexts, outcomes (dialectics and the synthesis), methods, textual and visual comments by participants of the project Voices.



Lady Liberty Press


Tanja Knaus, Alex Head, Erica Brisson, Nina Prader, Gianna Virgina Prein, Kathrin Shrader, Tyler Fox, Catherine Ryan, Alina Arch, Lianne Mol, Sarah Bornhorst


Lucía Szych


Erica Brisson

ISBN 978-3-945659-08-3

Softcover book, 80 pages, 14,8 x 21 cm