Practical Information

Space and surroundings

The space of the residency is designed to create a communal living situation: the kitchen and the terrace function as the main meeting points. The responsibility of keeping them enjoyable and clean is shared by the residents themselves. ZK/U as an institution is a long term project that in every sense keeps evolving in time and invites everyone to take initiative and experiment your ideas within the existing structure. Various spaces of ZK/U can be used by residents for production or activities upon request depending on their availability, including individual studio spaces, the cellar, terraces, main hall and the conference room. ZK/U does not provide residents with workshop area or advanced production tools but it has agreements with municipal workshops around ZK/U. Limited equipment is available in house for presentation and small scale production.

The ZK/U building is surrounded by a public park, which is a recreation and meeting place for the neighborhood. It’s a vivid spot for the community, granting access to all generations.

ZK/U is not only a residency space, but also a lively cultural and social hub, organising public moments ranging from exhibitions, workshops and conferences up to concerts and music events, which on weekends might attract hundreds of visitors and last until the next morning. These social and cultural activities sometimes lead to noise

ZK/U-residents are encouraged to take part in public events actively as artists, researchers or as visitors. ZK/U tries to keep the disturbances of the residence as small as possible, but it’s part of our urban reality. ZK/U is located in a park, but it still is an urban vivid space, which sometimes leads to disturbances.