Youngtaeg Ko

(South Korea)

The sound of human beings, words serve as an important tool to understand and access to others through the conversation. Overlapping of a relationship through giving and taking the sound forms a society, where the flow of the sound is repeatedly piled and scattered to make a long history. To me who live in the present, recording the contemporary sound and working on it is a way of participating in the process and an important source of practice. A range of life attitude and understanding methods learned while listening to others’ voices from the change of subtle emotions sensed in small talks with others go beyond my expectations all the time.

A communication mode through conversations with the other needs tossing around or understanding. Silence after the certain time required plays tug-of war for the point of solidarity and collapse. Personal desire for the community discloses the communal impossibility which exists as a person-within-group. Begun with anticipation for the potential of a community I saw a few years ago, the work is carried out in two ways; one is to show a diverse community, and the other to cast a question about the potential within the community established.