Petra Klepcová


In her painting, Petra presents prefabricated concrete buildings of the housing estate Ťahanovce in Košice, Slovakia. In a similar vein, within the framework of her ZK/U residency, she will do research on "Plattenbau" housing estates in East Berlin. In her work, rather than enforcing her own visual language or the stigma of the creator, Petra focuses on realism borrowing the techniques of landscape art. With this in mind, she creates traditionally "beautiful" paintings of concrete facades instead of romantic and contemplative sceneries. As an inhabitant of a housing estate herself, she is also interested in theory of urbanism in housing estates. Thus, she is not only documenting a history of architecture, but also a controversial urban reality. Her main focus is on minimalism and the original colour scheme of the buildings, contrasting these with the current wildly colourful renovation trends.