Mudi Yahaya


Mudi Yahaya is a cultural activist whose video work, photography and cinema has evolved from social documentary essays to critical conceptual photography and experimental film.

Mallam Mudi’s work explores interpretations of African hybrid identities and their varied visual dialects, currencies and vocabularies. Investigating, the aesthetic imagery that connects postcolonial African identities in spaces mediated by still photography and cinema linked with violence, intolerance, gender and race matters. Mallam Mudi’s body of work interjects semiotic symbolisms that gesture to religious
iconography, indigenous  cultural signifiers and  socio-cultural manipulation.

Mudi works largely on long term, self-assigned projects, that focus on the aesthetic relationship be-tween images and post- colonial deconstruction and decolonialization of the African identity in syncretic African spaces. Mudi Yahaya is a co-author on the TEN CITIES project that maps the relationship between music and urban culture in ten cities around the world.