Mu Tian


Mu Tian (b. China 1985) lives and works in London and holds a MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art.

His recent projects include a public sculpture at Broomhill Sculpture Park, (2019); solo exhibitions at Dirty House, London (2019) and Hive Center for Contemporary Arts, Beijing (2019). Mu Tian is also a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors since 2018.

Mu's practice involves painting, digital image, sculpture, video and installation. His work explores the situation of human and mechanical symbiosis in the posthuman context. He tried to depict the speculation of this near future through machinery and the human body. In the process of exploration, the boundary between organic bodies and non organic bodies is blurred. In the context of being out of everyday order, Mu tries to collage the fragments and question how the viewer would define this common uneasiness while disintegrating the concepts of function, profit and evolution.