Max Utech


Max Utech is a german architect currently based and licensed in Vienna with projects between urban design, architecture, research and art.

He finished his architecture studies in Wuppertal with a focus on conceptual design and planning methodology. Before setting up his own studio, he gained extensive work experience in different agencies in Paris, Cologne and Vienna – especially in the fields of social housing and urbanism.

In his position as research assistant at TU Wien, he teaches at the departments of Housing and Urban Design. There he published in 2021 together with Angelika Psenner “Paris transformatif”, a study about the potential of transformative spaces in Paris.

In 2020, he was awarded the "Margarete-Schütte-Lihotzky'' scholarship by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture. In the framework of his project "OFF city", he is conducting research in Paris, Berlin and Vienna to explore the potential of wild, vague, irrational and uncoded urban spaces as a counterweight to the hegemonic, heteronormative, capitalist and digitalized structures of the proclaimed city of the future - the "Smart city". 

He recently completed a 7 month-residency at the Cite des Arts in Paris and is now a fellow artist at ZK/U.