Marcos Vidal Font

Marcos Vidal Font is an unorthodox sculptor. Inspired at the beginning by a Dadaist practice, his work develops and materializes in a critical dialogue with objects, very often as furniture pieces. Vidal experiments with the location of his creations in the exhibition space and in the public space, creating specific works for specific contexts. His work materials are wood and ceramics to which he sometimes incorporates objects from different origins creating pieces that show a fusion of imaginary objects. Lives and works in Mallorca.

His work has been presented in individual exhibitions: Antonia Puyó Gallery, Zaragoza; V54 AIR Hong Kong; Casal Solleric, Palma de Mallorca; Hilvaria Studios, The Netherlands; CCA of Andratx; Insel Hombroich Foundation, Germany. He has participated in international events as the 2. and 3. BIAB Beijing International Art Biennale, China; 2. Mediterranean Biennial, Dubrovnik, Croatia; Busan International Print art Festival in Corea; IEEB 4 International Experimental Engraving Biennial a Bucarest; SEA International Sculpture Symposium of Alicante and Cerco 2019 in Zaragoza. He resides and works in Mallorca.