Lena Wegmann

Lena Wegmann is an urban researcher and critical spatial practitioner with a background in urban studies, planning and landscape architecture. They follow their deep interest in inclusive democratic urban & rural futures, spatial intersectional feminism, queer utopias, spatial politics and policies as well as climate justice in their practices and research. Their work includes prompts, encounters and critical reflections on narrating, researching, cooking, writing, mapping, planting, building, playing, mediating, curating and accessing for the community-based reclaiming and producing of spaces. Lena Wegmann has been active in architecture, art and urban discourses for several years and worked for and with mannoffice Amsterdam, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, IBA Thüringen, HKW, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, constructLab, raumkon19, Rehwaldt Landscape Architecture, makingfutures & forty five degrees, i.a.. Alongside this, they invented "Critical Nail Care" and "Power Elastics" as intersectional, critical and embodyminded ways of negotiating and trans*figuring space.