Hanna Husberg


Hanna Husberg is a Stockholm based artist. She graduated from ENSB-A, Paris in 2007, and is currently developing her doctoral research project Troubled Atmosphere - On noticing air at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her research has developed through several art projects, such as Human Meteorology (2012), Being With (2015), The World Indoors (2015), In the Vast Ocean of Air (2016), as well as the research project Contingent Movements Archive (2013-14) conceived together with Laura McLean for the Maldives Pavilion (55th Venice Biennale). Through a focus on air these projects inquire into how humans perceive and relate to their immediate, and expanded, surrounding. They do this through narratives of entanglement and material exchanges, through questions of perceptibility and visual representations, and through reflections on how changes in the atmosphere are (in)visibly transforming specific places, influencing the socio-economic as well as the territorial realities of these locations. Hanna is also a participant of Frontiers in Retreat, a research platform in Multidisciplinary Approaches to Ecology in Contemporary Art coordinated by HIAP, Helsinki, and HYBRID MATTERs, an art & science network program which investigates the convergence of the physical and digital world into a hybrid ecology. In 2017 she will be affiliated artist of The Seed Box: A Mistra-Formas Environmental Humanities Collaboratory, LiU. Prior to her residency Hanna spent three months in Beijing collecting narratives and imaginaries about air, and it’s relation to the urban and governance.