David Caro Moreno


David Caro Moreno is an electronic music producer, sound designer, pianist, audio engineer, and telecommunication engineer from Barcelona who crosses his musical background with technology. He played at big festivals from an early age, like Sónar (2009), LEV Festival (2011) and New York Electronic Art Festival (2013). Besides his personal projects, he also conceived interdisciplinary shows and audiovisual works in collaboration with other artists. Tending to be open-minded in his creations, he currently makes music under various alias - Davic Nod, Grim and Clicks & Keys - and also performs as a Reactable Artist. Moreover, he has been working as an educator in several projects. He founded the cultural non-profit organization Loud Music to provide training and resources to young generations and to connect such creators. He organized workshops for a wide range of audiences and he organized cultural events like InterACT Festival. His inspiration relates to the understanding of the structure and the everyday life of the city as a part of music production. Now, he is starting Thalamus Lab, a co-creation label with the purpose to collaborate with artists from around the world and connect with people.