Alix Lucas


Born in 1984 in Paris, Alix Lucas is a Berlin based visual artist and photographer. Through happenings, performances or exhibitions, she questions our relationship to images in a world saturated by digital contents. For the exhibition Haunted Dreams, she shot with broken analog cameras and printed everything herself in the darkroom. The goal was to produce experimental content with unexpected results. In contrast with digital work, the human process and its flaws are visible. The abstract comes into focus, the imagination is sparked and space is opened up for the viewers to offer their own interpretation of what has been created. With the performance Swap Market, she challenges the viewer with the question: what value do you put on your own image? On a table lie different objects, from books to clothing, like on a flea market. Everyone is invited to take one object in exchange for a picture and signing a contract. With this contract, the artist will be able to use freely all the shots with no limits. During the happening How Long Can You Resist, Alix Lucas asks visitors to disconnect from their smartphones. Only analog cameras are allowed. It reconnects with a slower process, a living in the moment far from social medias.