Aslıhan Demirtaş and Ali Cindoruk (KHORA)


KHORA is founded by Aslıhan Demirtaş & Ali Cindoruk in 2011 as a collaborative, interdisciplinary and multiscalar practice. KHORA purposefully crosses territories and boundaries of disciplines in the forms of buildings, landscape and installation projects, exhibitions, performance and art projects, as well as research and activism. Aslıhan & Ali have been thinking, working and performing together on many projects since 1991, with intensities and intermissions. KHORA produces exhibitions, artworks, building and such as ‘thinking pieces’. In the spirit of the Greek word khora — indeterminate, amorphous, undefined, KHORA joyfully works with any medium, any scale and any problem to search for a fair existence in this world by way of making, questioning, designing, conserving and sometimes just being.