CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE - Jamie Allen, David Gauthier

Jamie Allen ( Canada ), David Gauthier ( Canada )

CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE is an artistic research and production residency that approaches the resources and reserves of materials, energies, signals and data underneath it all. The project is a series of workshops and public events leading to an artwork for transmediale 2014 afterglow, a collaboration of artist-technologists Jamie Allen and David Gauthier. CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE unearths the undergirding of media technics, as a media archaeology of the present — understanding that the post-digital is not just horizontal and temporal but material and vertical — that is, infra-digital and infra-technical. CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE sees the afterglow of the digital as its material detritus and detrition. What is left behind and beneath the wake of our media-technical fetishes and compulsions?

This residency is possible thanks to the partnership with transmediale.