Opera Costume Design by Children - Kyoko Kagata

Kyoko Kagata ( Japan )

The project "Opera Costume Design by Children" was initiated in 2019 by the artist Kyoko Kagata, who lives in Berlin and Yokohama. 

By developing their own costumes, the children experienced that "dreams can come true with art" and that "there are adults who make dreams come true". This experience enables the children to pass on the baton to future generations as "adults who make other people's dreams come true".

The aim of their project is to give children confidence in the future. Art serves as a means of developing a positive attitude and promoting broad social networking – elements that are useful in all situations in life.

This residency is funded by Joshibi University of Art and Design, Japan.

Kyoko Kagata is the recipient of Joshibi Berlin Award (2020) of the Fumiko Ōmura Foundation.