Between the growth of Digital Art in North Africa, the Middle East, and the Diaspora in the time of the pandemic. - Elham Khattab

OPENHAUS May 2022 (c) Elisa Georgi

Elham Khattab

As a curator, Elham Khattab always has been interested in how technology affects and interacts with art. It interests her how in North Africa and the Middle East artists use these technologies to present their works, identities, and their countries through new media and digital art. Presenting the stories and the voices of young artists from her region is what she is always looking for in her practices.

During the current pandemic, there was a massive shift to the digital sphere of several professional activities but more importantly most human and emotional bonds. The technologies increased rapidly during this period, especially in art. Therefore, for Elham Khattab, many questions were raised to be explored: How did artists change and produce during this changing time? How she can connect with artists from Diaspora and keep the connection for better artistic environments for artists in the future? What can we learn from each other and present our stories while we connect with our peers in the art? From these questions, Elham continues her research during TURN2 residency to map Digital artists from the Diaspora and to learn about the rapid growth of Crypto Art and Blockchain in the art between Germany and her region.

The mentor for this residency is Edit Molnar.

TURN2 Talks // In conversation with Elham Khattab