Moabit - mon habitat - Catalystas Collective

2020 Promenade Fictionale Dessau, Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau & GfZK Leipzig, (c) Yvonne Tenschert 2020 / Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau

Catalystas Collective

Within the residency at ZK/U Catalystas Collective have been exploring and researching  spaces in Moabit which are related to intimacy. Looking for and reflecting of spaces, where a private but common practice is shared in public. Finally feeling the urge to highlight those seldom spaces they found and enable a moment of intimacy.

2019 Apple Ritual, Aufstand der Utopien (ASA-FF e.V.) (c) catalystas collective, 2019
2019 Next Stop: Utopia, Aufstand der Utopien (ASA-FF e.V.) (c) Fabian Thüroff, 2019
2019 Open Space Chemnitz, Aufstand der Utopien (ASA-FF e.V.) (c) catalystas collective,2019
2021 Kaffeeklatsch, wegen Umbau geschlossen, HGB Leipzig & Grassi Museum (c) catalystas collective, 2021