Women and the City - Sadia Sharmin

An Open Letter to My City, 2021 © Sadia Sharmin

Sadia Sharmin ( Bangladesh )

During her fellowship with ZK/U, Sadia is developing a project that sheds light on the everyday experiences of girls and women in the male-dominated public spaces in the cities of Bangladesh. Through an art-engaged activation, the project aims to stimulate critical conversation on the socio-cultural prejudgments and the lack of inclusivity in city design/ planning. 

‘Open Letter to My City’ is the first phase of the project where women and girls are invited to share their stories, challenges, demands, insights and aspirations about the city.  Within three weeks, more than a hundred women have responded to the call. Based on the narratives of the letters, this project will create a map between fiction and reality. 

The project can be considered a part of a long-term campaign on creating awareness about gender mainstreaming in the cities of Bangladesh.



A House of Ordinary Stories, Shelter for Soul, Seoul 2019 © Sadia Sharmin
Ordinary Stories, Karail 2016 © Sadia Sharmin
Thinking Together, Karail 2020 © Sadia Sharmin

ifa CCP Fellow 2021