Soundso - Anna Kilander

Sibeliusgången 24, 2021 © Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Anna Kilander ( Sweden )


Anna Kilander will during her residency stay at ZK/U realize a project with the tentative title ”Soundso”. This is in turn part of a larger project, which so far has resulted in two live performances and one sound installation.

She intends to pick up sounds from a residential building near the ZK/U, let them pass through a filter, and finally end up into a live drone composition. In short: she turns the house into an instrument on which she performs a concert. Anna Kilander mainly uses sounds that are transported through water pipes, drains and ventilation systems. These sounds link all the residents together – both architecturally and experientially.

The sounds that are spread in a house property are created both by and for the inhabitants of the house and are phenomena that we share in our everyday lives. She believes that in this polarized society we live in, we should focus more on what we share and the similarities between us humans instead of the differences.


Shelter, 2020 © Anna Kilander
Sibeliusgången 14, 2019 © Anna Kilander

 This residency is funded by the Royal Institute of Art Stockholm (KKH), Sweden.