The Poetics of Ùlì - Jeremiah Ikongio

Jeremiah Ikongio ( Nigeria )

For this residency, he will continue his research on implicit bias on the protocols and politics of artificial intelligence art, exploring and investigating the role and processes of archiving and re-imagining existing archives. As global protocols are rapidly evolving and advancing, artificial intelligence, increasingly, gets to make some of the most important decisions about human’s privileges, access and opportunities and will be responsible for deciding human life soon enough. He is planning to explore the archives presented by ZK/U’s publishing and CityToolBox Platform as well as SAVVY Contemporary’s publications, documentation centre & archive as well as the Colonial Neighbours archive.

"I am hoping to activate the post-internet and contemporary manifestations of archives and produce (a living) AI archive and program that is trained to construct ‘new’ art based on modern and contemporary art from West Africa."

Jere Ikongio is the artist selected for the LAGOS-BERLIN residency programme by the Goethe-Institut Nigeria together with the partners 16/16, SAVVY Contemporary and ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics in 2021.