Project at ZK/U - Elzemann Neves, Rodrigo Diaz Diaz

Elzemann Neves ( Brazil ), Rodrigo Diaz Diaz ( Brazil )

Our research at ZK/U is about the immigrants and how they perceive the place to which they move. We are looking for stories from people that travelled a lot but perhaps have not found themselves yet. A common phrase of immigrants before leaving is "anywhere is better than here", but is that really true? Or is everybody looking for a place that doesn't exist, not the way they wanted? Are they following an utopia?  Anyway, the migratory movement leaves a cultural mark in the cities that cannot be ignored. This research will be the basis for a new draft of the screenplay we’re working on and also a particular picture of a city revealed by the immigrants. 

The work at ZK/U will result in a feature film project but will also be a chance to experiment using film, video and audio in expositive ways like installations.