Drone symphony - Yiannis Loukos

(c) Yiannis Loukos, 2021

Yiannis Loukos

Drone symphony is a sound experiment based on the sound - noise that is produced by the flying drones. This sound is mostly characterised as an annoying big scale mosquito sound that invades suddenly and aggressively into our acoustic spectrum. What is the threshold between sound and music and furthermore between noise and music? Drone symphony is influenced by Stockhausen’s Helicopter music and the main usage of the drone which is to surveil. 


Circle of surveillance control


Director — Pilots — Drones — Audience -|



Helicopter or drone parents revisited the public space through digital surveillance, reordering the meaning of private and public or commons. People in their private space could also be in the public space digitally by their insects - drones, Could also collaborate to make a noise symphony into musical terms? The proposition of a drone orchestra combined by their pilots under the direction of a conductor in order to turn the sound into a musical piece, is dealing with all these questions coming on through my research Liminal Zone in acoustics. Sound is public? 

Open Haus Postcard (c) Yiannis Loukos, 2021
Yiannis Loukos Artist Portrait; Image (c) Kris Hymøller, 2021
Drone Recording session in the boat of Hosek Contemporary by Yiannis Loukos; Video (c) Kris Hymøller, 2021