Public Art in times of (post) digital spaces an artistic research project - Natalie Brehmer

A quiet place to build worlds, 2020 © Natalie Brehmer

Natalie Brehmer ( Germany )

Natalie is an artist and member of the initiative Stadtlücken e.V. which is dedicated to a digital-analog network for the conservation and reuse of public space.

At ZK/U she is working on the project "Public Art in times of (post) digital spaces", an artistic research project that will be discussed on several digital platforms.

A quiet place to build worlds (detail), 2020 © Natalie Brehmer
Touch me not, installation 2019 © Natalie Brehmer
Catalogue "Touch me not", 2020 © Natalie Brehmer
Sen, performance 2014 © Natalie Brehmer
Trustislikeamiror (detail), 2019 © Natalie Brehmer