ATRII / Berlin - The city, the island - Alice Pedroletti

Floating Island | The other island_Public action in a remote place | Rabbit Island, Alice Pedroletti, 2018 © Andrew Ranville

Alice Pedroletti ( Italy )

In 'The city, the island' I approach the relationship between Urban Island and Natural Island. ZK/U is located in the Moabit district, historically considered an island as it is surrounded by waterways. This characteristic makes it a unique place: an island within an island, a possible free zone where art experiments and hypothesises solutions for the future, remaining ideally-protected, but also critically excluded from the water itself. 

Place of exchange and relations, a passageway for artists and researchers, ZK/U is a utopian atrium of Berlin's city. Before that, it's also the entrance to an island that does not exist

This imaginative, territorial and political condition pushes me to imagine not only artworks for specific places - the atriums - but projects for specific territorial or emotional needs that go beyond architecture. The research consists of different visits to the neighbourhood and theoretical and practical studies. The outcome is a publication.

Project supported by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism under the Italian Council program (2020)

Floating Island | The other island_Installation view at Ncontemporary, Alice Pedroletti, 2019 © Matt-Ashford
Floating Island | Drawings for an Island_Lingeri House, Alice Pedroletti, 2015 © Alice Pedroletti
Study for a sculpture | Prototypes for an organic city_Installation view at IDEAL-TYPES Chapter 2, Alice Pedroletti © Enrico Fiorese