The Greatest Microbes - Alper Aydin

Breath Project, 2018 © Alper Aydin

Alper Aydin ( Turkey )

In the performance of The Greatest Microbes by emphasizing that the human being is a biological creature, the aim is to go beyond feelings and make interventions on every single thing which is a human product, which is constructed by human as a realist discourse dominated by nature.

While graffiti usually stick up with a political point of view that underlines an assertive, significant discourse, in this performance, by experiencing being a microbe as an artist living a life consists of microorganisms here, graffiti are written on walls, objects and artworks with stencil method.

"The Greatest Microbes" phrase does not have any kind of ideology or it does not express any type of emotional form or political view because microbes do not take sides, they do not vote, they dont fall in love, they do not have a political view and they are everywhere. They are the creatures that make us, they are life and all life forms. Microbes show to human beings that their splendid ego is not as important as they exaggerate it and emphasize the fact that the ideologies defended by mankind are not as significant as the microbes.

In this performance to be realized in Berlin streets and on trains the attempt is to express ironically the experience of living as a microbe which is a part of nature and life and creates the body trying to strip out from the identities of race, language and religion.This experience and expression are written on the walls with the stencil technique using spray paints, as imagined by the ‘Ecology’ author, Ernest Callenbach.

Shelter, 2017 © Alper Aydin
Noah, 2011 © Alper Aydin
560.000 Years, 2019 © Alper Aydin