Our Sugar Sandwich - Kavachi

Kavachi, 2020 © Laura Petrucci

Kavachi ( Turkey )

During the one-month residency in Berlin, Kavachi contacted several people to take textile materials, found some in the streets and also visited some local textile companies. He researches the role of sewing on gender. Hand stitching and sewing is a form of meditation for him. The epidemic which caused the current crisis led him to think about more his inner world and allowed him to work more in the studio. The first work, titled Our Sugar Sandwich visualizes queer love. It refers to the notion of intimacy and touch, which are not so possible to have in these difficult times. The second work, titled The Twins, addresses to public sex. He used the Greek and Turkish flags side by side as a symbol of togetherness. When he was a kid, he was so blonde that some people would say him in a humiliating manner, he has Greek blood. Turkey and Greece have conflicts for years, and it is common to see the Turkish flag and Greece flag painted on the mountains between the borders of two countries. On the other hand, the frogs used in his works address to some people have difficulties in coming out as gay because of social and cultural pressure.


Our Sugar Sandwich, 2020 © Laura Petrucci
Our Sugar Sandwich, 2020 © Laura Petrucci