Prototype for a non-monetary economy - Nicolas Grenier

Installation Galerie Bradley Ertaskiran, 2020 ©Nicolas Grenier

Nicolas Grenier ( Canada )

The project consists in building, on a small scale, a system allowing a paradigm shift toward a post-capitalist economic culture.

Concretely, the goal is to develop a practical tool that will allow the circulation of all types of resources (objects, services, time, etc.) without money, between a growing number of participants. This tool, at once utilitarian and poetic, will take form as an exchange network based on a system of donation and reciprocity which draws its sources from numerous historical precedents. The network will function without money, without a direct transactional logic ("this against that"), and without putting the search for our individual interest before that of others (often defined as “rational” behavior in economics). 

At this stage, I am working with a programmer to build different non-monetary exchange mechanisms, while also designing the architecture for a common pool of resources that could be shared between people in a small group, a neighborhood or a city.

Triennial Bruges, 2015 ©Nicolas Grenier
Lecture performance, 2017 ©Nicolas Grenier
Installation Art Gallery of Alberta, 2019 ©Nicolas Grenier
The New Left, 2019, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24 ©Nicolas Grenier