Whoever You Are Hiding Away With (Gleaners) - Jules van den Langenberg

© C is for Confection/curation and scenography, 2020

Jules van den Langenberg ( Netherlands )

By merging working methods of the exhibition- and film making Van den Langenberg develops a screenplay for a series of short fictional films under the working title Whoever You Are Hiding Away With (Gleaners). In the films, an unorthodox love story unfurls as newcomers are absorbed into a community obsessed with ‘good’ neighborly behavior.

The project leads to a film but also introduces exhibitions along the shooting days, makes use of museum spaces assets and parallel to actors positions works of artists and designers in the storyline and production of the film.

© Ten years/curation and scenography, 2017
© The Common Inn /script, scenography and direction, 2019. Photo by Het Nieuwe Instituut
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