NO.1HOT_L: Spiralen der Erinnerung - Amina Handke

Foxhole ©Amina Handke

Amina Handke ( Austria )

Global mobility and venture transforms living, bed- or bathrooms (and kitchens of course) – at some point of history spaces dedicated to privacy, family, work or women – into commodified transit zones simulating cosiness. Handke interprets this phenomenon of short lived housing disposability as setting for the development of an event format in progress – corresponding to topics of mobility, flexibility and their respective borders and thus addressing the individual's living and working conditions. The vanishing public space invades the semi private pirated interior with alternations of the furnishings and with the intrusion of Guests and uninvited Memories. An exchange between strangers is created by translating and interpreting souvenir culture like chinese whispers.

In Berlin and with the support of ZK/U, Handke wants to experimentally focus on the format development of NO.HOT_L by taking into consideration autobiographical aspects, places and the touristic periphery of her city of birth.

View_1060 ©Amina Handke
Sheet ©Amina Handke
Cat Egg ©Amina Handke