Disturbed Earth - Aslıhan Demirtaş and Ali Cindoruk (KHORA)

Aslıhan Demirtaş and Ali Cindoruk (KHORA) ( Turkey )

Conceived and directed by Didem Pekün, Disturbed Earth is a collective project that aims to reconstruct the conditions of the disaster that took place during the Srebrenica genocide via a montage of image and text material as well as a reconstruction of the ‘bureaucratic dance’ -a critique of the incompetent role of the UN in a genocide that could have been prevented- in a choreographed manner, displayed in a multi-screen installation. 

During its residency at the ZK/U, KHORA will be thinking, discussing, conceptualizing, sketching, designing in collaboration with its partners to explore possible ways of generating spatial context(s) that reveal many facets of the ‘bureaucratic dance’ - the core insight that the Disturbed Earth project is built around. KHORA eventually seeks to render the problematizations of the project legible by designing engaging environments and a visual alphabet that lends a coherent voice and identity to the project.