Extra Human - Stephanie Rothenberg

Stephanie Rothenberg

“Extra Human” explores the ethical and socio-economic dimensions of biology as technology in the quest for human survival in the (not so distant) future of extreme landscapes. As the mass extraction of resources continues to be the dominant solution to support human life, innovations in biological engineering are continually being developed and challenged in a race against our impending environmental crisis. What are the current trends and how are they transforming the last vestiges of what was formally known as the “natural world”?


Referencing the empirical rhetoric and ideologies of world making – data visualization, patent design, scientific methodology and model making, Stephanie will create a series of videos and correlating “resilient” devices that merge organic materials and living organisms with the techno-magical. The project is based on recent research conducted in the Gulf of Maine, the Panamanian Rainforest, Puerto Rico and Fukushima, Japan that investigates the anthropogenic impact of climate change and efforts at disaster relief.