Urbanizing the digital - Aiwen Yin

Aiwen Yin ( China )

With the User-Centered Design that assumes the users are always alone and want to be alone the product, the current generation of digital space is built for alienation. Instead of condemning one software after another, Aiwen Yin proposes that we need a new generation of design tools that programs solidarity from the very beginning. In 2018, she published an essay/manifesto named ‘Urbanizing the digital: Call for action’. In this manifesto, she proposes a collective effort to spatialize the cyberspace and explore the urbanism thereof, as a way to unionize users and affirm user right in the immaterial space. In the meantime, Cyber-urbanism poses fundamental questions to architects and urbanists: what is space when no dimension can be measured, what is a body when it vanishes into pixels, what is city when no tangible material exists? Aiwen Yin will continuously deepen her research during her stay in ZK/U, and organize events for public discussions and participations.