Distinct Inside - Pawel Jankiewicz

Pawel Jankiewicz ( Poland )

"Distinct Inside" is a writing that touches on the idea of the indistinct, the feeling that "it could be just any city", that the author attaches to Moabit, but which then is taken further and disseminated. It is searching for a new path to the heart of the city, through coinage of concepts reaching the neutral, rather than the iconic. “Distinct Inside” introduces angels as the bodiless powers that can prise open the space and set there a temple by virtue of their own untouchability. It is also a description of an intervention done in an empty kebab joint in Moabit – where, in a mirror, left hanging on the back wall of the shop, "someone" has grafted a reflection from a nearby gallery display. Thirdly, it is an attempt to create a book with interchangeable content – an array of angles, sounding the book’s core.