Monitor: B19 - Mano Leyrado

Mano Leyrado ( Argentina )

Monitor: B19 looks to materialize new practices from contemporary culture. Because It is necessary to deal with the complexity of identity construction, personally and collectively, within a context of the “seemingly imminent homogenization of cultural diversity”.

As a continuation of his work presented at Kulturni Centar Beograda in 2018, Mano Leyrado identify himself through his relationships in the cultural field. This time, taking Berlin as the capital of “Lateral Culture” for latin american artist, he seeks for the local and external elements that cause the exponential increase of artist migration in the city.

The process started as a field research of Argentinians migrants in Berlin, looking for the characteristics of this agents and their circuits, trying to explain the choice of Berlin as a place of residence.

Finally Mano Leyrado puts in tension the artistic and curatorial exercise over an exhibition where he present the results and personal feelings about the migration phenomenon of cultural agents in Berlin city.