Puno MoCA - Berlin - Cesar Cornejo

Cesar Cornejo ( Peru )

Artist Cesar Cornejo will carry out research to implement a Berlin satellite of his project Puno Museum of Contemporary Art, which redefines the concept of the contemporary art museum to place it at the core of the community in terms of infrastructure and administration. The project offers to carry out construction work in houses located in low-income neighbourhoods in Puno-Peru, free of charge to the owners, with the condition that in exchange they allow us to exhibit contemporary art by guest artists in the repaired spaces for a period of time. During the exhibition period, visitors should be allowed to enter the exhibition spaces to see the artworks, and when the exhibitions are over, the repaired spaces are reintegrated to their normal functions in the houses thereby benefiting the owners. Cesar Cornejo will carry the research in several Berlin neighbourhoods to identify potential sites for this project and work with neighbours in the elaboration of downscale models and on the selection of artists.