Self-Seeded - Jessica Gnyp

Jessica Gnyp ( Canada )

Jessica Gnyp’s project investigates how through art we can deepen our knowledge of pedagogy, and how through pedagogy we think about making art. This involves looking at sites of alternative education where risk taking is encouraged, such as urban farms, gardens, adventure playgrounds, and architecture and landscape architecture designs in Berlin. Research activities include walking in particular parks and neighbourhoods of the city, as well as consulting archives and visiting museums. This exploration informs sculptures and photographs that deal with the materiality of digital photography by utilizing digital printing technologies and altering photographic printing paper.

At ZK/U’s November Openhaus, Jessica Gnyp presented Sticker Pasting (2018), a group of sculpted photographs that depict adventure parks and playgrounds in Berlin. The photographs have been given shape through techniques such as folding, soaking in water, bending, and crumpling, which create self-supporting objects that are then mounted on a beam. Carefully displayed on an arc of the basement at ZK/U, these photo-objects interact and subtly comment on the architecture of the building.


This residency was supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.