Project at ZK/U - Parnian Ferdossi

Parnian Ferdossi ( Iran )

While at ZK/U, I will be developing ideas around the Moabit neighbourhood in Berlin, particularly the harbour building Westhafen. As for my initial investigation, I have began exploring the harbour, the history of the main building, the warehouses and the casino. I am also interested to learn about the new establishment in the southeast part of the port, the 24/7 active crane and the containers coming to and going from the port.  

As a child born and raised in Tehran, I grew up hearing fascinating stories about ports in Abadan and Bushehr in south Iran—where my maternal grandparents come from. Visiting the abandoned part of Westhafen behind the Behala building, revived the memories of my childhood. This encouraged me to investigate the history of Westhafen and its ties to Berlin residents. By the end of my stay I’ll present an artwork inclusive images, historical texts, and archival material.