Homage to the residents - Lydia Karagiannaki

Lydia Karagiannaki

My residency at the ZK/U was part of the curatorial research for the Shared Cities project. During the two months of my stay, my own room, Unit 8, turned into my project: Always for a short moment in time, this room has been the "home" of a handful of people. Home-making is about the (re)construction and (re)presentation of a fluid identity. What is then the history of inhabitation of Unit 8, since the beginning of ZK/U? How has it be transformed? How has it been furnished? If we think of architecture and objects as support structures for memories, what are the overlapping memories and identities carried in the room? In the end, the project is not about the representation of the past, but an invitation to the viewer to inhabit the room and embody daily practices of a resident.