OPENHAUS 25/05/2013

Mark Dudiak, Andy Houston and Ilya Noe, Landon Mackenzie

25 May 2013 | 14:00

Mark Dudiak

Mark Dudiak is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in sculpture, painting and video. His hybrid sculptural practice borrows from pop culture, urban architectural vernacular, and digital communications in its reworking of symbols that constitute narratives of cultural self-definition. His work often inhabits spaces between the hand-crafted and the manufactured, and is motivated by an interest in the conditions in which art is made and celebrates efforts to subvert entrenched modes of cultural expression. 





Andy Houston and Ilya Noe

Our project is a multi-stage, multi-disciplinary, multi-voiced, site-and-situation- responsive series of experiments in the iterative co-laboring of fluid maps of two cities: Berlin and Kitchener (a.k.a. the Canadian city formerly known as New Berlin). During our residency at ZK/U, these maps have been slowly produced at ground level and on the go, and out of dialogues with each other and the environments with which we engage. They are not meant to provide any single conclusion or specific itinerary, but rather build points of reference and encounter where disagreement and conflict can have a place.





Landon Mackenzie - Train Yard

Landon Mackenzie is based in Vancouver where she is an artist and Professor in Visual Arts at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Mackenzie has exhibited for over 30 years and most recently was the subject of a large solo survey of her work at Canada’s new Eske. Foundation. Art45 (Montreal) represents her work. (www.art45.ca) 

Train Yard

At the end of the month Landon Mackenzie will open Studio 12 to the public and participate in the ZK/U Presentation Event on Saturday May 25. Mackenzie’s chosen studio is on the top Northeast corner facing the uniquely situated multilayered railway tracks and inland port transport facilities. While studying this working port in its day and night variations, she finds a place full of memories and contemporary energy influenced by the location of this former depot and rail station. Under the title of Train Yard she is making small canvases and works on paper in ink, gouache and oil that will be displayed and opened to the public over several afternoons from May 23 to 28.

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