Moabiter Mix

11 Jun - 20 Dec 2014

Trans-sectoral projects of ZK/U (Cultural Sector), Quartiersmanagement Moabit-West (Public Administration) and Studio ParaArtFormations (Private Sector)

The project aims to address current urban transformation of the post-industrial neighbourhood Moabit and deals with challenges such as exclusion, gentrification and urban impoverishment. Our novel cultural formats are rooted in subversion of popular ways of coming together (local market, public viewing, eating/cooking together) and will be tested in second part of 2014 and fully implemented in 2015.

City Garden and recently open cultural institution ZK/U in the centre of it represent a model for conversion of the obsolete industrial infrastructures into publicly accessible space for all social groups. However, process of establishing smooth relation between art institution, bordering neighbourhood and park users became a challenge on its own due to the many external factors such as design failures (non-inviting fences, lack of toilet, etc.), contemporary-art-centred cultural program and spatial domination of the certain social groups inside the park. Our idea is to promote park as a platform for linking communities and space for non-formal education. Actions/interventions intend to bring self-confidence to marginalised communities and engage them not just to ‘participate’ but also to create and appropriate their own neighbourhood and park.

Our initial format Fußballaballa (critical-public-viewing during the Football WorldCup 2014) had goal to open the door of ZK/U for community-based projects by inviting everybody to watch games on small TV’s (with the language of choice), extended with short documentaries, gastronomic experiments and public discussions about event-driven urban development.

Further steps include site-specific market for Moabit (Gütermarkt), a combination of craft and flea market, which promotes local hidden craftsmen-knowledge and put it in unusual relation with international artists, kids and marginal social groups.

Unterstützt von Actors of Urban Change, ein Programm der Robert Bosch Stiftung in Kooperation mit MitOst e.V.

Gefördert durch die Europäische Union, die Bundesrepublik

Deutschland, das Land Berlin im Rahmen des Programms "Zukunftsinitiative

Stadtteil (II), Teilprogramm "Soziale Stadt" (Programmjahr 2014)

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