Robb Mitchell

5 - 31 Oct 2017

Robb Mitchell (Denmark)

Robb Mitchell is assistant professor, social interaction design at the University of Southern Denmark, following a PhD there entitled “Facilitating Shared Understandings of Risk”.  A graduate of Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art, his research and practice draws upon a diverse background that includes community development, market research, music promotion, cultural management, science communication and new media curating.  A common thread running through most of his work has been developing novel artifacts, costumes, environments, and processes that bring people closer together ­ -creatively, socially, and professionally.  In particular, addressing the barriers that may prevent or reduce interaction, exchange and collaboration between remote locations, different disciplines, different abilities, and/or levels of familiarity.

Recent exhibitions include the Channel Surfers project for Playful Arts Session, Netherlands, and the Pixelache Festival at Kiasma, Helsinki.

Icebreakers For Public and Semi-Public Spaces

Robb continues his attempts to collect, map and critique how art, design, architecture, fashion and technology can help spark new interpersonal encounters.



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