Sixten Sanne

7 - 7 Sep 2017

Sixten Sanne (Sweden)

Sixten Sanne (b.1987) is an artist whose interest is focussed on the use of public space and our interactions within it. His work often revolves around the psycho-geography of the city. Using installations that are interactive and time-based, he aims to disrupt the norm.

I believe that what you enable in the public room implies how you view society.

Project in ZKU

I will research the capitalist territorialisation of public spaces in Berlin and compare the situation to Scandinavia.What type of situation will occur when you subvert the use of a space, and what are the effects?With my installations I aim to create a new relation between the space and the spectator, to enable people to reimagining these spaces, by inserting a tangible presence within the urban landscape.

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