Kat Henry

1 Jun - 31 Jul 2017

Kat Henry (Australia)

Kat Henry is an Australian theatre director and performance artist, living in
Melbourne but working nationally. She is on Queensland Theatre’s National
Artistic Team, has directed at Queensland Theatre, Melbourne Theatre
Company, La Boite Theatre Company, Red Stitch, and NIDA, among many
other companies. This is her second residency at the ZKU – in 2012 she was
a resident with Australian colleagues Penny Harpham and William McBride
when the three artists performed the ten-day durational artwork Deliverance at
Platoon Kunsthalle. Kat is a graduate of Australia’s National Institute of
Dramatic Art (NIDA) and is a PhD candidate at Monash University.

Time Pod

At the ZKU Kat will work on various durational performance experiments in

the lead up to a major piece scheduled for Melbourne, Australia in October

2017. The major piece is TimePod, a purpose built, room-sized, sculptural

structure that excludes, as far as possible, all external indicators of time – no

natural will light will penetrate, there will be no sound bleed, no one will come

and go. Kat will enter the Pod and remain inside for 240 hours; ten days. In

that time she will have no contact with the outside world. TimePod

investigates the perception of time according to temporal habits and activities.

It hypothesizes that by removing time’s arbiters, both performer and audience

can suspend temporality and alter their perception of time.

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