Dagmar Dahle

1 Jun - 30 Jul 2017

Dagmar Dahle (Canada)

Dagmar Dahle is a visual artist, writer and educator who lives and works in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Her work is both research-based and a studio/material practice. Histories of art, natural history and social history intersecting with personal history and the felt sense of immediate experience provide a framework for her explorations. Materials and processes include drawing, painting, walking, writing, book making, ceramics, sculpture and photography. Dagmar has participated in several international residencies, most recently The Arctic Circle, an expeditionary residency program aboard a ship travelling the coast of Svalbard. Her poetic prose piece, Painting John Brown Painting, on the work of Toronto painter John Brown was published in Ars Medica (University of Toronto Press, 2010). Her work in painting, including her Berlin-based project, was the subject of an article by Stephen Horne in the journal Border Crossings (Issue #131, 2014). She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art at the University of Lethbridge, Canada.

Berlin Blue

Berlin Blue is an ongoing investigation developed during several visits to Berlin and a long-term interest in twentieth century history: fascism, war and its aftermath, cold war and genocide. Urban walking, observations of official and unofficial markers and monuments, historical research as well as family history and personal memory continue to inform this body of work, which uses the pigment Prussian blue emblematically. At ZK/U I am planning to continue this work by exploring specific sites in Moabit, including the St. Johannis-Friedhof and the former freight depot that now houses ZK/U. Additionally, I am looking at urban ecology, especially ecosystems that emerge spontaneously from ruins and wasteland in relationship to historical events (the war, the wall and reunification) and urban development.

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