Jason Wee

9 May - 29 Jun 2017

Jason Wee (Singapore)

Jason Wee is an artist and a writer working between contemporary art, architecture, poetry and photography. 

His art practice contends with sources of singular authority in favour of polyphony and difference. He transforms these histories and spaces into various visual and written materials. He is keenly interested in their secrets and their futures, their idealisms and their conundrums.

He founded and runs Grey Projects, an artists’ space, library and residency that focuses on curatorship, new writing, design propositions and art. He is an editor for Softblow poetry journal. He was a 2005-2006 Studio Fellow at the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. Artist-in-residencies include Artspace Sydney, ISEA 2008, Tokyo Wonder Site, Contemporary Art Japan (Tokyo), and Gyeonggi Creation Center in Korea. He studied at The New School, New York and Harvard Graduate School of Design

City As Cannibal: A Sketch

During his stay at Jason Wee wants to consider the figure of the cannibal as a description for urban self-destruction, that is, for the ways in which a city destroys and consumes a part of itself. For the project Jason will reach for his knowledge and experience in arcitectual research and design. The two-year long research will eventually culminate in a few outcomes: a book, an installation, drawings, photographs and objects. 

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