Julim Rosa

28 Feb - 30 May 2017

Julim Rosa (Argentina)

Julim Rosa´s art practice has always been related to communication systems. She has worked with the topic for the last 10 years; investigating, manipulating, replicating and destroying the communication systems. In 2014 she was trained to become a tattooist and has worked full time as a tattoo artist ever since in different shops and studios. During this time she didnt learned just the technical skills related to the practice, but she also gained a lot of knowledge about human interactions. Currently she is developing TIME TOGETHER, a contemporary art project about tattooing.


Contemporary art project about tattooing


Julieta Morano worked as a tattoo artist for the last 3 years. As she tattoed everyday requests, she noticed a huge incoherence in the way we approach the “making” of something that will stay in a body for a lifetime. The current process of getting a tattoo is quick, superficial and very commercial. 

She started asking herself a question: How long should it take to do something that will last forever?

TIME TOGETHER aims to explore this process and consolidate an artistic practice in which this incoherence is fixed. Julieta will work with her experience, time and deepness in a strong intimate process with people who are willing to participate. They will be invited through an Open Call in the city of Berlin.

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