Alona Rodeh

31 Aug 2016 - 27 Feb 2017

Alona Rodeh (Israel)

Alona Rodeh is an Israeli artist based in Berlin. Her current work and research are focused on the growing audiovisual presence of safety in the city, and its diffusion into popular cultural aesthetics. Safe and Sound, her ongoing meta-project started in 2014, led her to the Berlin Fire Brigade.

Artist Dis-Placement at the Berliner Feuerwehr (Berlin Fire Brigade)

Accompanying the fire fighters for a period of 6 months, her research will focus on the training facilities and workout regime, the daily routines at the station, and fire control itself.  Through this research, Alona's aim is to create a new collaborative work within the organization, focusing on new challenging missions, enabling the fire fighters to try new techniques stretching their limits of abilities. Ideally, this will be an event that will spark interest in the wide audience, as well as the members of the organization itself.

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