Byungseo Yoo

30 Nov 2014 - 30 May 2015

Byungseo Yoo (South Korea)

Yoo is a conceptual artist who studied visual theory in college (Korea National University of Arts). He aims at the critical understanding of contemporary art through his own works causing various troubles against institutional and conventional art world.

Armed with wit and craziness, his work is not confined within the limits of fine art but expands to the fields of poetry and theater. With his three working keywords, 'collaboration', 'black comedy' and 'engagement,' he keeps his direction towards something light but heavy, comic but sad, and simple but cryptic.

He also leads his experimental theater company ''Miwansung Project (Incomplete Project)'', transgressing the borderline between black box and white cube unpredictably.

Project at ZK/U

During the residency period at ZK/U, the artist would realize the 'Art in Public' that never-ever happened.

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